We will transport your cargo carefully by the most optimal mode of transport

About company

Shipme is a modern logistics company that specializes in international, fast cargo transportation. We organize the reception of the cargo, its identification, accounting, storage and consolidation for further shipment around the world! In addition, we are developing a Blockchain-based logistics system.

Shipme works with loads of any kind. In the shortest time with full responsibility for safety, we will deliver a large lots of products or piece goods to wherever you say! Even more, we provide our clients with all the necessary information regarding the stages of cargo transportation, its location and condition.

The sale of electronic devices from our warehouse or on order is another line of Shipme activity, which has high-tech storage facilities and qualified personnel. We have specialists who carry out professional service of electronic equipment.

Also we can provide cash and cashless payment methods and, Shipme's customers even can pay by crypto currency.

Our advantages

  • Compliance according to the professional ethics
  • Fast delivery of goods around the world
  • Availability of storage facilities
  • Guarantee of protection of the client's commercial and information interests
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Qualified staff
  • The qualitative organization of systematic deliveries
  • Flexible pricing policy


  • Transportation of piece goods
  • Maintenance of electronic equipment
  • Transportation of large batches of products
  • Sale of electronic devices from a warehouse and under the order